Langkawi - Tel : 04-966 5889 / 04-9665131 | Kuala Perlis - Tel : 04-985 2539 / 04-985 1899 | Kuala Kedah - Tel : 04-762 6295 / 04-762 6296

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Kuala Kedah

RM 23.00



Kuala Kedah

RM 17.00



Kuala Perlis

RM 18.00



Kuala Perlis

RM 13.00

Langkawi Counter

Kaunter Langkawi No.1, 6 & 7, Kompleks Jetty Point
07000 Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman
Tel : 04-966 5889 / 04-9665131



Kuala Perlis Counter

Jeti Penumpang Kuala Perlis
02000 Perlis Indera Kayangan
Tel : 04-985 2539 / 04-985 1899



Kuala Kedah Counter

Jeti Penumpang Kuala Kedah
06600 Kedah Darul Aman
Tel : 04-762 6295 / 04-762 6296





As a merging team, LFLV dedicates to provide the highest quality of services to our passengers. Our mission is to provide passengers with courteous, affordable and exceptional customer services and punctuality of scheduled departure.?

Langkawi Ferry Line Ventures Sdn Bhd also committed to ensure the safety of crews and passengers on every time we operate ferry services.


LFLV's vision is to be the leader in ferry services in Malaysia and supports Tourism Industry to promote Langkawi as a premier destination in this region. We will earn our customers, enthusiasm through continuous improvement of our services, safety and punctuality.


No 81& 83 Persiaran Bunga Raya
Langkawi Mall Phase 2
07000 Langkawi
Kedah Darul Aman

Tel : 04-966 3988 / 04-966 8988

Fax : 04-966 1988

Langkawi Ferry Line Ventures Sdn Bhd

Langkawi Ferry Line Ventures Sdn Bhd (LFLV) (953522-T) was established since 2005 by merging seven companies and one of the largest passengers ferry operators in Langkawi and Malaysia.

We have high speeds luxury ferries under ourfleet and operation ferry services between Langkawi to Kuala Kedah and Kuala Perlis and vice versa.

LFLV in move to enhance its strategic & rapid growth of the tourism industry in Langkawi, is committed to provide fast, efficient & comfortable as such we promised to continuously upgrade our services and safety of crews and passengers during entire journey.

Kuala Perlis New Counter

Penumpang yang dihormati, untuk pembelian tiket feri ke Langkawi,sila berurusan di kaunter tiket no. K3 dan kaunter no. K12 syarikat Langkawi Ferry Line Ventures Sdn Bhd, di Jeti Kuala Perlis.


Help me to determine the correct route. Which one should I choose?

When you are at the 1.Route:, you will see a list of route. Select your preferred route.

1. Langkawi >> Kuala Kedah means you are departing from Langkawi and will arrive at Kuala Kedah.

2. Kuala Kedah >> Langkawi means you are departing from Kuala Kedah and willarrive at Langkawi.

3. Langkawi >> Kuala Perlis means you are departing from Langkawiand willarrive at Kuala Perlis.

4. Kuala Perlis >> Langkawimeans you aredeparting from Kuala Perlis and willarrive at Langkawi.

I have purchase a ferry ticket via online. Where can I get/claim it?

When you already purchased your ferry ticket, once you are brought back to our website, you will be given a link to download it. The file is in PDF format.

Open the PDF and then print the entire content in there. If you find inside the PDF file, your name with seat number and barcode, you are all set.

You don't have to go to the counter to claim the ferry ticket because of what you have printed are the official boarding pass.


NOTE: We also send a copy to your email, just in case you want to get it later. The email will have similar title such as FERRY BOARDING PASS - RefNo: FL0006946-KL

I have purchase a ferry ticket via online but I don't get the boarding pass yet.

Sometimes system are busy with transactions, but don't worry. Usually you will get your boarding pass within 2 hours. However, if after that timeframe and you still don't get your boarding pass, you can contact us for help.

I don't like the seat number assigned to me. Can I change it?

Please take note that the seat number is automatically assigned by system. No changes are possible due to how the system works.

What is convenience fee? Why is it there?

Convenience fee is a fee charge for online ticketing. It is RM2 per ticket per 1 way. With this, you actually can buy ticket in advance, no need to queue up and no need to worry about no ticket available at the specific time. Basically you bought a ticket and secured your seat in advance and no need to go to the counter any longer. Just straight away go into the terminal. It is so convenience that this convenience fee is worth every RM.

What is my minimum pre-boarding timeframe & where should I be by then?

You have to be inside ferry terminal at least 30 minutes before your departure time. This is because we want you to be prepared and ready when we call your time.

However, if you have anything else to do before your departure time, we suggest you to come more earlier.

Please take note for anyone departure from Langkawi:

There is a Customs checks before reaching ferry terminal and it usually takes long time to complete the checks, especially during weekeends, school/public holidays and special events. We suggest you all to be more earlier before your departure time so that you have enough timeslacks to cover for the worst.

Where & when can I buy the ferry ticket?

You are welcome to buy ferry ticket via online (anytime as your wish) as long as it is NOT WITHIN 24 HOUR of your selected date & time of departure.

Can I change time / date / info / etc when I already bought the ferry ticket?

Amendments are still possible before payment. NO further changes are allowed once payment is done & confirmed. NO refunds too in case you change your mind later.

Therefore, either you use the ticket bought or buy a new one.

Everything is based on user inputs and you are responsible for your inputs.

Your quota says max 10pax but I have more than that. What should I do?

No problem. Just divide it into groups. Let say you have 18pax. Just divide it into 2 groups. However, we don't guarantee that your groups would be able to be in the same departure time.

Please make sure children always accompanied by adults. Groups of children only are absolutely not allowed, for safety reasons.

What information that I need to prepare and why do you need this information?

Make sure you have required information prepared such as name, IC / MyKad / MyKid / Birth-Certificate / Passport number, date of birth and gender.

Those informations are for insurance reasons.

Is this service provided as a self-service and why it is being offered?

Yes. It is a self-service system. It is being offered as an alternative in buying ferry ticket rather than you have to queue up at the ferry ticket counter.

Are online tickets transferable?

No. Online tickets are non-transferable.

Can I pay on-behalf?

You can pay on-behalf but please make sure the passenger details are correct.

In case there are payments problem occurs, you can always ask someone to do it for you.

What are the payment options?

You can pay via credit card or online banking. Direct bank-in or deposit machine is not possible.

Can I buy return ticket too?

Not a problem. You are allowed to buy return ticket (Round Trip).

Are the departure time fixed?

Yes. All ferry ticket bought online has a fixed departure time and not effected in conjunction with counter ferry ticket departure time. Please make sure you are not embarking ferry that is meant for extras. Extra departure time ferry always have E in their departure time.


For example:

Normal departure time > 1200

Extra departure time > 1200E1*

*Numbers can always changed.

Oh no. My seat have been taken!

There are no such thing as duplicate seat or taken seat. If that happens, usually either you are on the wrong ferry or you are on a wrong departure time.

Get help from our ferry crews if this happens. Don't resolve this problem by yourself as we won't be responsible if you do that.

When will the online ferry schedules updated?

It is usually updated every 3 months, early week of the third months. Depends on the demands though.

Can I ask you to buy the ferry ticket via online for me?

I am afraid I can't. It is the company policy to not interfere with customer transactions.

Is there any customer service representatives that I can talk to directly?


Phone : +604 - 966 3988 | +604 - 966 8988  |  +6017 - 489 9885
Response Hours: 8:30am until 5:30pm daily.

NOTE: During fasting (puasa) month, response hours would be 8:30am until 5:00pm daily.

Do you have any email address?

Yes. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please make sure to only ask question that is not in this Q&A.

When are the peak seasons?

Usually peak seasons happens on weekends, school/public holidays and special events such as during LIMA.

Therefore, on morning there would always many people but usually drops after 2:00pm. Depends on the situation though.

Your ferry departure late!

You have to consider the factors that happening around us such as water tide, how many peoples trying to embark and disembark and so on. We always try our best to departure immediately when all passengers have embark into our ferry.