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Kuala Kedah, Kedah Kuah, Langkawi Kedah MYR 23.00 MYR 17.00
Kuah, Langkawi Kedah Kuala Kedah, Kedah MYR 23.00 MYR 17.00
Kuala Perlis, Perlis Kuah, Langkawi Kedah MYR 18.00 MYR 13.00
Kuah, Langkawi Kedah Kuala Perlis, Perlis MYR 18.00 MYR 13.00

Standard schedule - Normal month

1 0730hrs|07:30am 0700hrs|07:00am 0730hrs|07:30am 0700hrs|07:00am
2 0800hrs|08:00am 0800hrs|08:00am 0800hrs|08:00am 0800hrs|08:00am
3 0900hrs|09:00am 0830hrs|08:30am 0900hrs|09:00am 0830hrs|08:30am
4 1000hrs|10:00am 0930hrs|09:30am 1000hrs|10:00am 0930hrs|09:30am
5 1100hrs|11:00am 1000hrs|10:00am 1100hrs|11:00am 1000hrs|10:00am
6 1200hrs|12:00pm 1100hrs|11:00am 1200hrs|12:00pm 1100hrs|11:00am
7 1300hrs|01:00pm 1200hrs|12:00pm 1300hrs|01:00pm 1200hrs|12:00pm
8 1400hrs|02:00pm 1300hrs|01:00pm 1400hrs|02:00pm 1300hrs|01:00pm
9 1500hrs|03:00pm 1400hrs|02:00pm 1500hrs|03:00pm 1400hrs|02:00pm
10 1600hrs|04:00pm 1500hrs|03:00pm 1600hrs|04:00pm 1500hrs|03:00pm
11 1700hrs|05:00pm 1600hrs|04:00pm 1630hrs|04:30pm 1600hrs|04:00pm
12 1730hrs|05:30pm 1700hrs|05:00pm 1700hrs|05:00pm 1700hrs|05:00pm
13 1800hrs|06:00pm 1800hrs|06:00pm 1800hrs|06:00pm 1800hrs|06:00pm
14 1900hrs|07:00pm 1900hrs|07:00pm 1900hrs|07:00pm 1900hrs|07:00pm
LGK = LangkawiKK = Kuala KedahKP = Kuala Perlis


Standard schedule - During fasting (puasa) month

0730hrs|07:30am 0730hrs|07:30am 0730hrs|07:30am 0730hrs|07:30am
0900hrs|09:00am 0900hrs|09:00am 0900hrs|09:00am 0900hrs|09:00am
1030hrs|10:30am 1030hrs|10:30am 1030hrs|10:30am 1030hrs|10:30am
1200hrs|12:00am 1200hrs|12:00am 1200hrs|12:00am 1200hrs|12:00am
1400hrs|02:00pm 1400hrs|02:00pm
1400hrs|02:00pm 1400hrs|02:00pm
1530hrs|03:30pm 1530hrs|03:30pm 1530hrs|03:30pm 1530hrs|03:30pm
1700hrs|05:00pm 1700hrs|05:00pm 1700hrs|05:00pm 1700hrs|05:00pm
1830hrs|06:30pm 1830hrs|06:30pm 1830hrs|06:30pm 1830hrs|06:30pm
LGK = LangkawiKK = Kuala KedahKP = Kuala Perlis


The shown time table is standard. 
However, time table is subject to changes without notice. 

For real time schedule, you may refer below for updated time table for the day and tomorrow.


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